This is a shrub children like better to look at than to gather. It is very common on heaths and banks and in dry fields, and it blooms in early summer.

The flowers are curious, because the five petals are so strangely shaped. One broad petal stands up highest and is called ‘the Standard.’ Then there are two narrow petals at the side; these are called ‘Wings.’ And in between these narrow petals there are two joined together like a tiny boat, which are called ‘the Keel.’

There is a bunch of curved stamens with their slender stalks all joined together at the bottom into a green tube.
Common Whin or Gorse Plant
Amongst these stamens you can see the tip of the seed-vessel.

When the flower is in bud it is enclosed in a rough, yellowish-green covering which has many black hairs all over it. This covering usually opens in two pieces, and these pieces remain below the flower until it is withered.

Instead of leaves the Gorse has many sharp prickly spikes or leaf-thorns. You will notice that there are many of these sharp spikes which have little groups of two or three shorter spikes branching from them, and each branch ends in a sharp spike.

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